Car Sales Professionals are Real People

February 10th, 2021 by


Have you ever looked for a new to you Car, Truck or SUV? I am sure when the thought of going to a Used or New Auto Dealership came to mind, there was a natural hesitation due to all of the old school Stigmas that follow Automotive Retail Sales Professionals. Lets look at virtually everything we deal with on a regular basis like shopping for clothes, maybe newer electronics, or even better maybe buying a home, in these professions they all deal with sales professionals that are required to sell a certain amount of items or specific products for a profit just like Automotive Sales People. If you go into a clothes store and the tags on certain items say m.s.r.p. or list price and then you see a discounted price, its safe to assume you don’t haggle anymore, and these sales professionals at the stores will most likely not deal with  hassle and disrespect directed at them like an Automotive Retail Sales Person. Why are Automotive Retail Sales People less of a Human Being?

: Are Auto Sales People not real people?

: Is it impossible for Automotive sales people to have feelings like everyone else?

: Are Auto Sales People from another planet?

: Is it impossible for Auto Sales People to have families and loved ones to provide and care for?

: Are Automotive Sales People supposed to work for free and not make a living  like almost every other profession out there?

: Is t ok for you to pay profit on virtually everything you do? But not allow profit on a car sale.


I have met and gotten to know many Car Sales Professionals over the years, and I am just as guilty as anyone listening to all the stigmas that were directed at car salesman before I really got to understand the business and the people in the business. These are some of the things that a Car Sales Person deals with on a regular basis.


: Most Auto Professionals rely on Commission Only Pay, No Sale No Pay (Basically no steady reliable paycheck)

: Major Competition on every corner

: Very long Work Hours minimum of 10+ hours a day

: Automotive Sales Professionals don’t know what a Weekend off is (Saturday or Sunday always at work)

: Every day in the life of a Car Sales Professional is based on constant unpredictability, as to how late you will have to work, or if you will be at work all day long and make nothing at all.. Zero

: Questioning a Sales Persons character is most common in Auto Sales due to how a Sales Person is perceived from the start regarding what they have been told or  heard..If any one person were to flip the script for one day they would be more understanding to the life of a Car Sales Person.

: Lots, and Lots of Wasted time, of course Car Sales Professionals are not allowed to have anyone consider their time, because their time doesn’t matter.

: Cost of Family time is a regular issue for Car Sales Professionals they miss out on many, many things involving their families all because they are trying to earn a living just like everyone else. Imagine trying to earn a living while your family waits for you constantly.


There is plenty more to being a Car Sales Professional, but I am a firm believer in treating every single car sales person the best you can. It is just a fact, that if you treat a Automotive Professional with respect, then they will work very hard for you in getting the perfect vehicle for you and the very best deal on it as well. It is very common for Ex Automotive Sales People to offer the most amazing advice regarding car sales and what they say it is..If someone is no longer in the Auto Business its either due to retirement or they just couldn’t deal with the stress and lack of pay that goes with it, or they just couldn’t make it in the business. I have talked to numerous Auto Professionals that have been in the business for Decades and they will tell you they learn something new and different every day, so if someone gives you advice on buying a car its most likely impossible for them to know everything unless they are in the business every day dealing with the constant changes. Car Sales is very different today than it was 30 years ago..Sales People just like Car Buyers want you to get the best deal with the best overall service, just try and give them a chance to earn an honest living and you will walk away a winner for sure.


Who can help you Buy a Vehicle if you didn’t have sales people? Who can you call or rely on if you don’t have Sales People? Its sounds easier than it really is don’t give up on professional help its worth having.