How to know if your Car Battery Going Bad

January 22nd, 2021 by



Sometimes it’s obvious and clear that your car battery is dead because there are multiple signs. Other times, you may only see one clear sign. If your car exhibits one or more of these signs, it may be time to replace your battery and Ole Ben Franklin Motors in Alcoa Tennessee can help you with your battery issues.

5 Signs Your Car Battery is Dead

No Lights Come On When You Open Your Car Door: Usually the dome light, or other indoor lights will come on when you open your door. There might be a problem if it seems unusually dark when you go to start your car.

You Don’t Hear Your Car Chime: You probably don’t even notice it because you’re so used to the chime sounding every time you insert your keys, but it’s another one of those car components that the battery controls. No chime, no power.

Cranks very slowly, But Doesn’t Start: If you turn the key and it slowly cranks, but doesn’t start then you probably have a dead battery. If you turn the key and nothing happens at all, you definitely have a dead battery.

Headlights Won’t Turn On: Not only will your indoor lights not turn on, but your headlights won’t come on either. This means there is no juice left in your battery.

You Have To Jumpstart Your Car Multiple Times: Once you jumpstart your car, it may be fine for the rest of the day, but just know that as soon as you leave it overnight it probably won’t start again and you’ll have to jumpstart it again. You need a new battery if you have to jumpstart your vehicle multiple times in a week.

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