The Advantages of Buying a Used Car

January 25th, 2021 by



If you’re in the market for a Car, Truck, or SUV you’ve probably considered the “New vs Used Car” dilemma countless times. Although Used Cars are more cost-effective, there’s something enticing about driving off the lot with a shiny, brand-new vehicle, however, there are some inherent benefits to buying used that should be considered. To help make the decision easier, we’ve narrowed down some of the primary advantages of Buying a Used Car at Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa.

Lower Price for Similar Quality

There’s a common misconception that used cars are of much lower quality than newer models. While it’s true that newer vehicles will always have an advantage in quality when compared to used versions, the difference between these two doesn’t have to be vast. In fact, dealers have a very deliberate selection process when choosing used cars to resell. It’s not uncommon to find a Used Car that is in comparable condition to a newer version of the same model. When you Buy Used instead of New, you are receiving a vehicle of similar quality for a much lower price.

History Reports

You can often learn more about a Used Car than a Brand-New Model. Used Cars that are fully registered will come with detailed reports that outline the vehicle’s unique history. Reputable dealers like Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa  will be more than willing to offer the history report for used cars being sold on their lot, and you can still obtain a vehicle’s report by running a private check. There are many websites such as Carfax and Auto Check that offer this service for free. You have to know the car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, to obtain these records. In these reports, you’ll be able to see the vehicle’s previous owners, accident and repair history, title status, mileage, and other key information that can be helpful when purchasing a used car. You don’t have to worry about buying a used car with no knowledge of its history.

Value doesn’t Diminish as Quickly once The Vehicle Is Purchased

The value of a New Vehicle drops drastically the minute it is drive off of the lot unless you just happen to work out a fantastic deal. After being purchased, these vehicles go from being considered “Brand-New” to “Previously Owned”. Even though no tangible changes have occurred, the inherent value that a new vehicle carries ceases to exist after purchase. You can avoid this immediate depreciation of value by Buying a Used Car from Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa. As these cars have already been owned, there is no automatic depreciation after you make the purchase. It’s even possible to Buy a Used Vehicle and make more money on the resale. The same cannot be said about new models they do vary. Although new vehicles are more expensive, their rate of depreciation is much steeper.

Save A Lot of Money

Savings is one of the more obvious advantages of buying a used vehicle from Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa in Alcoa TN. However, many people don’t realize the extent to which this is true. It’s clear that used cars are sold for much more reasonable prices than their brand-new counterparts. When buying a used car, you can also avoid some different costs only applied to New Models. Some of these extraneous costs include shipping fees or unnecessary dealership charges. Skipping these hidden fees can save you hundreds of dollars or more, in addition, you’ll save even more money due to the cheaper interest rates incurred by used vehicles. Lower monthly payments naturally translate to lower interest fees when compared to new cars.

Wider Selection

When shopping for a New Car, your number of options will be greatly limited although readily available. You’ll be restricted to models that have been released in the most recent years. It’s not common to find a new version of a vehicle that was released more than five years ago. This greatly reduces the number of potential options from which you can choose. If you decide to purchase a Used Car, on the other hand, you’ll have a much wider selection. This can increase the chances of finding the perfect model to fit your needs. It’s tough to beat a wider range of options at more affordable prices!

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