What Kind of Cars to look at for a First-Time Drivers

January 25th, 2021 by


Safety Features

Safety should be the number one concern for parents when buying a used vehicle for a first-time driver. Even though young drivers are constantly instructed on ways to increase their safety while driving, this group is still most at risk on the road due to their inexperience behind the wheel. In order to help combat these problems, parents should only choose used vehicles with robust safety features, like Automatic Emergency Breaking systems and Additional Airbags are two very important safety features that can help protect first-time drivers. A rear-view camera, blind spot detection, and lane assist are additional safety features that may only be available in newer models. There are a number of technologies now available for the use of Hands Free phone service, like hands free Text, Answer and Make Phone Calls Hands Free, as well as Directions and much more….Driving around Alcoa TN or Sweetwater TN can be a challenge in itself, so Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa has all of your First Time Buyer Needs right in Alcoa TN.

Automatic vs. Manual Transmission

Although manual transmissions may be more fun to drive, first-timers need to be focusing on the fundamentals of driving although Manual Driving does help with Focus. There are many advantages to Buying a Used Car with an Automatic Transmission  in Alcoa TN. First and foremost, these vehicles have fewer moving parts than their manual equivalents. The clutch pedal and gear stick are unnecessary complications for first-time drivers which can easily become distracting. Secondly, automatic transmissions are easier to control and drive. With manual vehicles, drivers have to constantly switch gears with their right hand. First-time drivers will have greater control over automatic transmission vehicles as two hands can be on the wheel at all times.

Clean Vehicle History Report

Every used car is going to have a history report detailing its prior accidents, owners, and repairs. When purchasing a model for a first-time driver, it’s important to find a vehicle with a clean history report. Although it doesn’t have to be impeccable, fewer accidents in the past translate to fewer potential problems in the future. For example, you won’t want a first-time driver using a car that has consistent steering issues because of a bad accident that happened in the past.  At Ole Ben Franklin Motors Alcoa we are a New and Used Car Dealership that will provide a history report for each model on their lot if requested.


There’s a reason that a majority of parents opt for buying used vehicles for first-time drivers. New cars are often are too expensive to justify for novice users who will mainly be driving to school and work. Even within the market of used cars, you will still find a wide range of prices. When selecting the right used car for a first-time driver, it’s important to find something that is affordable and reasonably priced. There’s no reason to buy an expensive model that will end up costing extra for repairs and maintenance in the long run. It’s always a good idea to set a price range for how much you’re willing to spend before starting the search.


When searching for a used car for a first-time driver, parents should focus on finding a reliable vehicle that maintains a high level of performance even after being used for many years. With all else being equal, there are some models that tend to lose their performance at a faster rate than others. Buying a reliable used car greatly reduces the number of times drivers will run into operational problems. Reliable models are also more cost-effective as value is maintained along with performance. This ensures that first-time drivers can use their car for many years to come and still earn some money if they decide to resell.

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